Description: Belknap Street (USH 2) will be reconstructed from Banks Avenue to Hill Avenue over two constructions seasons. Work scheduled for 2017 includes the east and west ends of the project from Banks Avenue to John Avenue and Birch Avenue to Hill Avenue respectively. The center section from John Avenue to Birch Avenue will be reconstructed in 2018.

Project Staging, Schedule and Traffic Overview:
Banks Avenue to John Avenue (West End)                      Traffic Control
* South Side Construction       4/11/17 – 6/15/17      Bidirectional on the north side.
* North Side Construction       6/16/17 – 8/14/17     Bidirectional on the south side.
* Median Construction             8/15/17 – 9/27/17     Traffic in the outside lanes.

Birch Avenue to Hill Avenue (East End)                          Traffic Control
* South Side Construction       4/17/17 – 7/17/17       Bidirectional on the north side.
* North Side Construction       7/18/17 – 9/24/17      Bidirectional on the south side.
* Median Construction             9/25/17 – 11/14/17     Traffic in the outside lanes

Project DetoursThere is a signed truck detour utilizing the City of Superior Truck Route. There is also an alternative detour route signed for other traffic to bypass the project. 

Traffic impacts:

  • Expect delays when travelling through the project.
  • The existing Belknap pavement is in poor condition and the ride is extremely rough.
  • Left & Right turns onto Belknap are not allowed from Tower Avenue.
  • Ogden Avenue:
    • South of Belknap closed until 6/15/17.
    • North of Belknap closed until 8/14/17.
  • Bidirectional traffic on the east side of Tower Avenue (STH 35) from N. 14th St. to N. 16th St.
Work completed since last update:
  • Banks Avenue removals to start street lighting bases and signal bases.
Anticipated work schedule for next week:
  • Asphalt saw cuts on side streets and parking lots.
  • Begin decorative column and fence installations.
  • Continue water main and storm sewer work.
  • Continue with street lighting bases and signal bases.
1. Please send pictures that will help show the progress of the project.
2. You DO NOT have to wait until Wednesday to send pictures. If something interesting is occurring send the picture to me with a description and date.
3. All pictures should have a brief description and a date that the picture was taken.

Updates due by close of business every Wednesday Send update by email only please to:

Questions? Diana Maas (715) 635-4968

Next Contractors Meeting

Monday, May 8th, 1:00 pm in the Lake Superior Room at the WIS-DOT Office at 1701 N. 4th Street.

For additional information about the project, please visit the project website:
Brendan Dirkes, P. E.
Project Manager
Wisconsin Department of Transportation
715 395-3026
Pete Dieckman, P.E.
Construction Project Leader
Northern Wisconsin-Based Engineers, Inc.
Belknap Field Office: 715 718-2334
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