There are currently two committees in the SBID beyond the Board of Directors.  First is the SBID Design Committee.  The Design Committee reviews and approves all grant applications and advises on areas that impact the BID sense of place.  Second is the SBID Promotion Committee.  This committee establishes and oversees marketing, promotions and events.  Future committees that may be established are the Recruitment & Retention Committee and Education Committee.


Gary Banker – Chair, Citizen Representative
John Conway – Blaine Business Center
Nick Korhonen – Korhonen Agency
Dave Miller – Northwest Outlet
Linda Podvin – Courtney Leigh Home & Design
Rob Semborski – Master Builder, Architecture LLC
Dean Bruss – National Bank of Commerce



Brian Lammi – Chair, AMSOIL, Inc.
Nikky Farmakes – Chamber of Commerce
Rani Gill – City of Superior
Kerstyn Hendricks – National Bank of Commerce
Melissa Hyatt – A Dozen Excuses Donuts & More
Joy Johnson – Citizen Representative
Carolyn Kavajecz – Sterling Silver Studio
Brittany Markgren – Superior Choice Credit Union
Wally Olson – PASS Foundation
Ryan Yingling – Screen Graphics Uniform Connection










Are you interested in participating in any of our committees? Contact us for more information.