All the salt that we apply to pavement ends up in our water, making our freshwater less and less fresh each year. Just a teaspoon of salt permanently pollutes five gallons of water.

This year, Winter Salt Awareness Week is going national! The City of Superior is partnering with organizations across the nation to spotlight the threats that road salt poses to our rivers, lakes and drinking water.

Winter Salt Awareness Week 2024

Monday, January 22nd to Friday, January 26th

Daily livestreams 12:30-1pm

Winter Salt Awareness Week will feature daily livestreams from ecologists, transportation experts and other salt-wise speakers from across the United States. Come learn more about the environmental toll of deicers, salts in our drinking water, actions that municipalities are taking, and how residents can get involved! Online registration: SignUp (

Using more salt than is necessary doesn’t actually make our roads or sidewalks safer. Excess salt does prematurely age infrastructure and damage freshwater resources. Municipalities across the state are dialing in salt use through improved mechanical removal, calibration, and the precision application of deicers. By focusing on first removing as much snow as possible, and then right-sizing salt applications, residents and businesses can cut down how much we spend on salt, protect our freshwater lakes and rivers, and keep pavements safe.

For more information contact: 

Allison Madison, Program Manager

Wisconsin Salt Wise